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TDA Dental

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TDA Dental has no waiting periods and no annual maximum. 

$18.85 a month for an individual 

$37.65 for two people

$60.80 a month for a family

Here is a link to search in network providers for TDA dental. 


To Enroll Click on the button below

Spirit Dental

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Spirit Secure Plan Details.jpg
Spirit Pinnacle Plan Details.jpg

You can get a quote and enroll your family in all spirit dental plans by clicking on the button below:

Spirit Core provider search:

Spirit Secure provider search:

Spirit Pinnacle provider search:

United Healthcare Dentalwise


United Healthcare Dentalwise MAX (Includes Dental, Vision and Hearing)


UHC Dentalwise MAX Rates.jpg
Dentalwise Max Plan Details.jpg
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NCD Dental Plan Details.jpg

Click here to Enroll in a NCD Dental Plan

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